Hay day strategy guide: to level up the game play!

Hay day game is one of the most popular games for farming similar for android and ios devices. These games developed by the same creators, which are behind the successful games of the clash of clans, clash royal and boon beach. The hay day is a very simple and easy game same like the Farmville, though a player has to hand around some of the tips and tricks to level up there game play. The tricks and tips will also help them to figure out some best ways to get some serious diamonds, coins, and gems into your account.

A player can level up there game in hay day by collecting the experience points (XP), which can be gained by buying resources, claiming items you create in your farm and by harvesting the crops. Though, a play can also gain more XP point’s quickly into their accounts by filling out their delivery orders with the highest XP bounty.

Another great way to level up quickly in the game is by harvesting wheat and other crops prior the deadline in the game; it can only be gained if you keep a proper eye on the crops. A player must harvest the crop into their farms as soon as they can, so that they can reach the optimum level of XP.

Best way to earn resources such as hay day free diamonds, coins, and gems in hay day game:

If you are looking to earn as many as points, gems, coins and diamonds in the shortest span and time possible, being a player you must make sure that you have all the slots filled up at the same time in RSS. Another way is by getting extra XP points by completing each activity successfully. You can also sell your goodies, resources, crops, animals to get the most points you can in your accounts.

Though there are many ways, cheats, and tricks which help a payer to generate free diamonds, coins, and gems instantly to their accounts. Many chats and hack tools help the player to get going fast in the game without any need to check up on their farms, gaining extra XP, making extra goodies or selling the machines or any resources from the game. In case if you are not the big fan of cheats and hack tools, you can make use of the above tricks and tips to earn extra coins and diamonds in the right possible way.

Another big tip for hay day game is that, a player must get rid and limit the excessive amount of free diamonds, coins, and gems in your game by keeping your farm in check. A player must keep them organized within the game, must use smart tips to keep themselves flush with diamonds, coins’ and gems.