Garro’s Free Games Review: Warsow

A lot of gamers, myself included, often find ourselves in an terrible bind. We want to play a new game that’s good, but don’t want to pay store prices for it. With the rising price of games and the constant stream of content being thrown at us, it’s often hard to differentiate which games are crap, and which games are actually worth your hard earned bucks. Demos are typically shallow and only show a tiny portion of the games worth. They reveal nothing about length, storyline, or replay value.
Thankfully, there are games like Warsow that have expansive gameplay, fast paced action, good graphics, and the best part of all, it is free to download. This is where most serious gamers stop. With all the spyware, viruses, and malware that exist out there, it is very hard to download something that’s “totally free” and that won’t destroy your computer in the long run. Warsow, against all odds, is that sort of game.


If you’ve ever played any game in the Quake series Warsow will seem very familiar to you. The reason is Warsow’s engine is actually the same as Quake 2. While some similarities remain in the weaponry and fast paced game play, there are also many differences. In Warsow there are standard seven weapons, and nine different game types, from capture the flag, to bomb and defuse, to regular deathmatch. They bring back all the old weapons like the Railgun, Rocket Launcher, and Shotgun, but bring new things to the table like weak and strong ammo, as well as a variety of powerups.

The movement in Warsow is extremely important and takes bunny-hopping to the extreme. Unlike other games, Rocketjumps do not cause self-damage, so it encourages players to constantly be moving as fast as possible. Experienced players can cover an entire map within seconds using rocketjumping and bunnyhopping techniques.

Character customization also exists as there are over 10 skins and various colors to choose from. This will set you apart, as you do away with competitors.


Learning Curve

Warsow caters to both the competitive gaming crowd and casual gamers. In the game are tutorials that instruct you how to bunnyhop and other aspects of movement in the game. These in game video tutorials are perfect for displaying, and then testing your skills at these techniques. While experienced veterans to Quake and other FPS’s could probably skip this section, it allows newer players a chance to learn them.

Joining games is literally as easy as pressing a button, “Find A Game”. Once you click this a list of servers will come up and you can join a game. Be sure to join a server with players, and one with a relatively good ping. While there are huge gaps in skill, anyone can start up the game and start fragging instantly.



The Graphics in Warsow are stylistic and cool. The game is cell-shaded, and it really works with the quick and fast paced style of play that it requires. While some gamers that come from newer games may not be impressed, it allows those with slower computers the ability to play the game at a decent frame rate.


Replay Value

You can play this game over and over again, hours on end, and still want to play it. There are so many aspects of the game, from walljumping, to bunnyhopping, rocketjumping, instant gibbs, the possibilities are endless, and each takes hours to perfect. The only downfall of the game is a lack of a single player mode, which is intentional because fast paced, action FPS’s are best when multiplayer.



If you have loads of free time on your hands, are looking for a game, but don’t want to pay for it, I highly suggest you check Warsow out. Overall, I have sunk many hours into this game, played it at ridiculous hours of the night, and after writing this article, will probably go and play it. Warsow, an addicting, fast-paced, high action, FREE FPS.

To Download Warsow visit their official website at: