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Game Review of Tropico 2: Pirate Cove

When I first heard of Pirate Cove I though it was another expansion pack for Tropico, the island simulation I was so addicted to. I was wrong. Pirate Cove is actually the next incarnation of Tropico: Tropico 2! I did not find this out until I snagged it at Best Buy on sale for $29.99.
With that said, Pirate Cove is a stand-alone, not an add-on. You do not need to own Tropico to play, and you do not need to have ever played Tropico to learn this one; although that would help you learn it faster. Even as a die-hard Tropican, it took me awhile to pick this up to the point that I felt confident enough to put the little manual in a drawer. There’s a lot of stuff to learn here in order to succeed. I’d say a several hour learning curve…but those hours are way fun!

Pirate Cove is set in the 1600s. You are running a hidden island inhabited by pirates. It’s up to you to keep your mateys happy and keep your kidnapped folks from escaping! This is much easier said than done. Since Pirate Cove is a reverse economy, you can’t sell what you grow. There are no rich tourists bringing you their moolah…if you need something, you must build ships and go take it! Arr Arr Arr!!

Lets talk about what you can do, and then we’ll get to techie stuff. At the main menu you can either go into campaigns or single games. I didn’t much care for campaigns, but a few were like say, build X amount of ships within this time frame… typical campaigns. If you go into single game options, you can select scenarios or sand box. The scenarios I do recommend, these get you familiar with the game in a fun way. You go thru them in sequence starting with getting the grog flowing to keep your mateys happy. Each scenarios completion leads into the next scenario, each getting progressively more complex.

I went thru the first couple of scenarios then straight into Sand Box. This pretty much equates with free-play. You get to set your goals, pick your Captain, decide Island size and resource levels, and length of game play. Now, the longest you can set this to is 30 years, which immediately grated my teeth. Every Sim should have the option to play til your tired of it. Grrrr. But this is a minor quibble since Pirate Cove figures time differently than its predecessor, Tropico. Every 2 years of game time is equal to about an hour in real time. So that 30-hour max is actually 15 hours of game play. Not too shabby.

No matter which way you decide to go, there are things you must do to keep your island running smoothly. Your pirates absolutely must have entertainment or they will leave you. This is in the form of drinkin’, gamblin’, and wenching! Make sure you have plenty of brothels and gambling dens. Eventually they will tire of grog and demand rum so do scout out in advance where you are going to plant your sugar and place your distillery. Sugar grows well in very few places so you will want to leave those spots open for when you get to that.

Putting up towers and cannons and the like will make your pirates feel safe too, which adds to their satisfaction. You will want a shipyard fairly early on also, I mean, what pirate will be happy for long if he can’t go pillage? Besides, the ships will often come back with more captives, and you need captives to run your farms and whatnot.

Speaking of captives…you better keep them in line too! Toss up an interrogation chamber and a gallows or two. The hedges are also good; they are in the shape of skulls and will help the fear factor. A few mess tents will keep them fed. They sleep on the ground when they aren’t working, but a bunkhouse will help their attitudes and they will work harder if they are better rested. Rich captives just lay about eating your food and drinking your men’s grog, so ransom them back ASAP!

To the ships… you need to build a dock, then a shipyard. Both must be on water (DUH!). You have 6 ships to choose from, all with different levels of safety/speed. The Snow is the cheapest and smallest and requires less crew to run her. It’s not very sturdy, but it’s great at escaping. Next is the Schooner, which takes more crew and supplies, but it’s a bet better at defense and can bring back more captives…still a very fast ship. The third ship is a Sloop, bigger still and slower, but still fast enough to escape for the most part, and holds quite a few captives. There are three progressively bigger ships… but I pretty much have learned to skip those altogether. They are too costly to build, take forever to supply and man, and all but one of the 15 or so I have painstakingly built have been sunk their first time out to sea. Aggravating!

Speaking of supplies, I hope you managed to build an iron mine, smelting, and blacksmith shop…your pirates need cutlasses ya know! Ye canna be sendin em out there with their bare fists! You can also make muskets and cannons for them. If all else fails, buy a black market building. You can supply your ship in a hurry with one of those, but it’ll cost ya greatly to do so!

So…you want the ‘guy’ stuff….

PII-200, 64MB RAM, 4MB video

PIII-500, 128MB RAM, 32MB video

My two machines:
P4-fast (LMAO), half gig RAM, top video (He just built that machine with top everything)

P3-800, half gig RAM, gForce

Loading the game was pain free. My CD-ROM had busted so the first 2 days I played it on The Male’s computer. Then I popped and old 8x into my system and have been playing on that for over 18 hours game-play time. So I can tell you some system differences. Mainly, the initial install is different. It installed fairly fast on The Male’s p4, 52x. This install is over a gig and a half, btw. On my slow 8x it took about 15 minutes. That’s really the only rom-speed difference though. Once the game is installed it doesn’t use the disc at all except to verify that you have it upon starting the game.

Really, that initial install is the only major difference between the two machines. The P3 runs a tad slower, but really not much at all. Not enough to detract from game play in any way. The graphics were crisper on the P4, but that may be due to the monitor, and again, the difference is really not that big of deal. You can zoom in or out in the game, close zooms are slightly pixelated but not any more than any other game. Better than most actually. You can see your captives up close and personal and watch the overseers threaten and cajole them into working harder. Tooo fun! Zooming all the way out while the game is running in fast mode is not recommended by me. The screen gets a bit jerky and will give you a headache fast. LOL

Sound is the same as with Tropico, which is about the same as any other Simulation out there. Tropical music plays in the background and is really soothing in an upbeat sorta way. Crisp and clear, no distortion. Voices are clear as well…although that does get irritating after awhile. Not the quality, but the repetition. You do not need to tell me every 5 minutes that we need more wenches! They should put a feature in the next expansion to turn that guy off!!

One thing they did do differently in this than in Tropico, you get to open your log whenever you want, instead of it being forced open every year. Gads that was annoying before! Thank you G.O.D! This is much better. OH, what’s the log? The Captain’s Log shows you everything you need to know about your island… income from each ship/captain, how happy everyone is and why… stuff like that. Very handy little tool!

This may be a small issue to some, but it grates on my nerves. This game has a slight memory leak. It’s done it on both machines. You likely will not notice it until after like 12 hours of straight game play, give or take, but if you play hard-core, this is an issue. Save your game, get out and reboot. That’s the only solution, and annoying as hell. Your good to go for another 12 hours or so, but still. That shouldn’t happen in the first place.

The other annoyance that I hope they address with the first expansion is the auto-save. It does save quite frequently on it’s own. Which is great! But, the issue is that it stops your game each time…freezes it until it’s done. Tropico was a smooth painless autosave, why is Pirate Cove glitchy?

This is an awesome game with unlimited replayability. It’s customizable, so the option combos are immense. I highly recommend Tropico 2: Pirate Cove if you like Simulation games at all. I’m starting to get a bit burnt out on the island themes…but This is one I will come back to repeatedly after other games. Definitely up there with RCT2 on my fave list.

To know about working functions of yu gi oh duel links hack tool

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Clash Royale – Free Versus Paid User

Should you hack Clash Royale ?

Clash royale is one of the most popular and addictive games that include a lot of spells, combat, cards, perceptive controls and excellent graphics. This game is a complete package that makes the player feels thrills in all the ways throughout the end. In this Meta game, there are a lot of cards and characters available, so it becomes quite interesting to play. Here, each card has its own place and also defined its own importance. The main strategy of this game is collecting more numbers of cards as much as possible. If you don’t want to spend your real money for getting many cards; rather you can simply make use of clash royale hack and generate the resources that you want.

In this game play, you need to destroy all the three towers including the opponent king’s towers in order to protect yourself own. Make sure you have to be very tactical while charging as well as invading against the opponent bases. There are so many levels available and each level has a different set of cards with high powers and skills. If you wish to progress through multiple arenas to reach the ultimate level, you just try to build your own clan and claim a plenty of share cards as well as friendly duels. Apart from this, the clash royale can be completely free to download from the Google play store or iTunes or any other site.

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If you wish to play the clash royale, you can also enjoy the following hacking features that include:

Free gems and gold

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TV royale

CR has recently introduced the two exciting features on the line spectating. This live feature enables you to watch out the friendly battles lively. Most of the clash royale gaming enthusiasts are highly impressed by this excellent feature.

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Using the clash royale gems hack is very simple, fast and efficient to use than any other hack tools on the internet. All you need to do is to run this clash royale hack generator tool, enter your username and choose the certain amount of gems that you want for game play. If you want to know how to generate the clash royale gems, here are some step by step methods to be followed such as,

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SimCity buildIt hack- How to get free simcash and resources


The SimCity buildIt is an amazing game for the mobile gamers that can be downloaded as easy as possible. It is a freemium game that needs to progress faster with the help of resources. For this, you need to pay the real money from your pocket to the developers in order to get the necessary resources. But, if you are a person who not ready to spend money or buying in game purchases for playing the game, there is a right option available for you. All you need to do is to download and use the simcity buildit hack on your device to get free simoleons and simcash as much as you want.

Actually, it is a mobile city building game developed by EA Mobile. In recent days, this mobile simulation game has growing popularity among many gamers in all over the world. Once you start playing this game, you need to build a city and create so many things. To enjoy this game play, you can use the SimCity buildIt hack cheats. It is a completely online based tool and gets you real success by generating free resources. If you are playing this game for a long time, this online hack tool will surely satisfy all your gaming requirements. With this awesome tool, you are able to purchase simcash, simoleons and also other currencies that help to move quickly as well as build your city accordingly.

Tutorial for using SimCity buildIt hack and cheats tool

If you really do not want to spend real money, the SimCity buildIt hack and cheats tool will helps you to resolve your problem. Whenever you want, you can use this tool and getting countless amounts of resources such as simcash and simoleons. If you are unsure on how to use this tool, you can follow the tutorial given below:

  • To use the simcity buildit hack tool then you need go to the hacking tool website and click the ok button to generate your points.
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simcity buildit hack

Amazing new features of SimCity buildIt hack tool

Today, the gaming world has frequently changed so the players also should change themselves accordingly. Now, the SimCity buildIt has released a lot of new features with each update that is available in Apple, iOS or Google Play Store. In order to fulfill your gaming needs, you can use the SimCity buildIt hack tool and generate unlimited amounts of resources for free. Here are some new features of this hack tool that includes:

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How to hack SimCity buildIt?

To enjoy simcity buildit hack on your mobile, you can simply scroll up and click on Go to Generator button. This will take you to the hack page and simply put your username and number of resources that will be credited to your account within a matter of minutes by using this hack.

I Don’t Want To Spend This Much Time On Jetpack Joyride. How About You?


– mobile games are designed to be played by people who are in the same field as the real ones

– use of mobile games has been a popular pastime among many of the youth groups

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More About Mobile Phone and Jetpack Joyride

The internet is a great way to connect with your customers and make them feel like they are in a place where they can see you. The most popular way to get your business up and running is to use a mobile phone:

– use your mobile to send out a message to your friends and relatives
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The first thing you need to do is to choose a gaming system that has a proven track record. You will need a system that will allow you to play the game without having to worry about losing your computer. This will be a great way to get the game you want to have with your friends and family. You will want to make sure that you have a good quality video card. This will make the video much more efficient and will give you more control over your games. You can use the video card to make the game more interesting.

The mobile phone industry is booming and it is a competitive market. It is a fact that the people who are in the market for the same reasons are the most popular. The most important reason for this is because of smartphones becoming more popular. It is the most important thing that you need to do in order to win the hearts of your loved ones. You can use the services of a smartphone to make your friends feel safe and comfortable or you can use them for playing games such as Jetpack Joyride

Coders have been in the business of creating a mobile gaming system for the past few years. They have made it possible for people to interact with other players and to make the online gaming experience more exciting:

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But, there’s a lot of online mobile games that offer free entertainment and promotions. The only way to know the best things about jetpack joyride is to ask. They should be able to answer all of the questions and give you a good idea of what they are doing. They will be able to tell you the rules and regulations of the game before you start playing.

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In short, we hope that you just have discovered a great deal about jetpack joyride.

Clash of clan hack- How to cheat?


The clash of clan is one of the most popular and highly recommended games on the internet that has captured the attention of more people. With the rapid advancement of technology, the CoC has specially designed with thrilling graphics and elegant themes. Now, there are many players interested to join and play this game. One of the most valuable things on this game is gems that you need to get a lot of by using clash of clans hack . It is an awesome tool that can generate unlimited amount of resources for the effective game play.

Basically, the clash of clan is a simple concept game that includes a lot of objectives. During the game play, the player must use cheats on the clash of clans and also need to setup and manage the village clan. Once you start playing this game, you will get a number of builders, buildings and also play to execute the process of village development. This game looks very simple, but need to produce a lot of soldiers. Until and unless you have produced, a huge number of dangers threatening you and the enemies try to rob your village. If you don’t get any good defense within a few minutes, you may needs to face some threatening activities.

Get clash of clan hack resource tool online

The clash of clan hack is an awesome resource tool that allows you get them everything for free. By using this hack tool, the clash of clans will make you everything become easier. The main strategy of clash of clan game is to build a lot of building by using unlimited amount of resources. Even this is an easy game for many beginners and let them to try and win by putting more efforts. The advantages of using clash of clans can be make you realize on the proper gaming strategy to do it.

The specialty of using clash of clans is offering free gems with the help of online generator tool. Below are the steps to generate clash of clan’s free gems that include:

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How does it work?

If you want to know how to use clash of clans hack, first you click on the mobile button and starts checking your device is compatible to use this tool. Once it is detected, you will be redirected to some other page with a confirming message. Thus, it is safe to continue and play!

Madden NFL Mobile Hack Tool for Coins and Cash

Madden mobile brings the fan favorite madden football game to Smartphones. Madden NFL mobile hack tool is one of the best top rated hack tools. The mobile hack tool is online and browser based. Hack tool for madden actually does multiple features. This hack tool is undetectable. This means no one can detect that you are hacking madden mobile. You can get an unlimited amount of coins and cash.


Madden NFL mobile hack tool:

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How to use madden mobile hack tool?

The steps to use madden mobile hack tool are easy to follow.

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Understanding Clash Royale and Gems


Clearly understanding Clash Royale gaming features and its hack

Supercell is the most popular and leading range of gaming app Development Company for the Android and iOS mobile devices. Recently in 2nd March, 2016, this mobile game developer has been released the best game named Clash Royale which is the multiplayer battle arena game with the several interesting gaming characters. The tower defense, collectible card games, and more arenas are the most considerable elements of this game. When it comes to the age limit of playing this game, everyone should be at least13 years of old to download and play this clash royale game.

Understanding the features of Clash Royale:

Whenever you have selected this clash royale game, first of all it is vital to understand the gaming features and then how to use clash royale hack tool on your PC or mobile browser. The following are the necessary gaming features which should be understandable for everyone.

  • Get more duel players from different real time locations and also take their trophies.
  • Destroy the towers of the opponents and win the crowns to earn more epic crown chests.
  • Earning chests will also be very helpful to unlock the rewards, upgrade the existing ones, and also collect many powerful new cards.
  • All the clash royale game players should also need to construct your ultimate battle deck in order to beat your enemies.
  • Building and upgrading the card collections is also essential for all gamers who are the regular members of the clash royale family also with the huge amounts of favorite clash spells, troops and defenses.
  • The clash royale players are recommended forming a clan to share your cards and also build your own community to battle with your opponents.
  • Participating in the various arenas will be great to go to the top level for all game players.
  • Learning various strategies and tactics to battle against your enemies is also essential to all players by watching the good duels on the television royale.
  • At the same time, you should need to challenge your friends and clanmates to the private duel.


free gems

Reasons for hacking resources for Clash Royale:

With the help of the clash royale hack tool, everybody can able to generate unlimited numbers of gaming resources like gems, elixir, and gold for all the above mentioned features of the game. For all these processes, it is highly necessary to earn unlimited resources on the account. By using the instant resources on the clash royale gaming account, the players don’t need to put more efforts or stress to win the specific levels.

Everyone can completely enjoy playing this battle arena game by earning desired amounts of gaming resources without spending hundreds or thousands of dollars real money. These earned elixirs, gems, and gold will also be highly beneficial to get the best legendary cards without need to pay a dime and also without requiring grinding for many months. The online hack tool or cheat of the clash royale game will allow players to focus on all of these important things to improve your gaming level.

Using an online pokecoins generator for Pokemon Go

Use of online pokecoins hack tool to win Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go is one of the most popular ranges of the mobile game now days and has the maximum reach all over the world within a few months from release. As it is the augmented reality game based on your real world locations, a lot of people start experiencing it with the great passion. In all the video games, there are some of the gaming resources which should be collected for successful gaming. Likewise, pokecoins are the most important resource in this pokemon go game. At each level of the game, the player with the higher amounts of pokecoins will get all features of the games and unlock all weapons to use and finally win the game by beating all the enemies.

Getting more pokecoins:

Getting extensive amounts of pokecoins for your pokemon go game play is very simple even to the beginners, if you are considering the hacks and cheats. The web based hacking tool will allow each and every player to fake the GPS of the game and progress faster. Even though the developer of this pokemon go game Niantic has been taking several steps to stop using the hacks and cheat codes by punishing such players, a development of the hacking technique is currently huge.


Every player is recommended using the cheat or hack tool which has the recent updates of the new features. Then only, you can able to use it for your pokemon go gaming account in order to get unlimited numbers of pokecoins to buy several items and unlock necessary weapons. There is a plenty of benefits in using the web based hacking tools instead of downloading the hack tool on your mobile. Almost all of them are now coming with the anti-ban feature so it is completely hidden from your gaming account. Any platform could not find that you are using a pokecoins hack tool to get more free pokecoins . It will just like the normal gaming but your account will automatically be loaded with the unlimited pokecoins for your game play.

Online pokecoins generator:

  • Whenever you have selected a particular pokemon go hack tool, there is no need to download because it can be used directly on your mobile browser.
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  • With these generated pokecoins, all the players can able to enjoy gaming pokemon go in order to purchase various items like poke balls, lucky eggs, and etc. Post 3:

Using effective online hack tool of Pixel Gun 3D game

pixel gun 3d hack

Do you want to become the best in Pixel Gun 3D ?

In these contemporary days, everybody would like to play multiplayer video games in the different theme. When it comes to the younger boys and gents, they most probably prefer battle and war games to enjoy the greater entertainment. In this way, Pixel Gun 3D is a very nice choice of battle or war based multiplayer game which is completely free to download and play. You just visit your Apple AppStore, Windows store, or Google Playstore to search for this game and download it on your PC or mobile devices. The advent of the mobile phones like smart phones, tablets, and iphone, today everybody starts using only their mobile devices to instantly play this shooting game to have relaxed experience at any time.

How to use pixel gun 3d hack tool:

Like playing mobile games, using hack tools for each and every game is also getting so popular among the people. For this pixel gun shooting game also there is an excellent hack tool available with all necessary features. All players of this battle arena game should need to make use of this pixel gun 3d hack tool in order to earn unlimited numbers of gems, coins, and diamonds.

There are several weapons in the disabled stage when you get into the gaming environment. In order to effectively make use of all these weapons, the players should need to have more amounts of coins, gems, and diamonds in your account. Then only you can enable each and every weapon to use it for beating the enemies. For efficiently use this hack tool of the pixel gun game, everyone should need to follow these steps.

  • First, the players have to enter your email address and name.
  • Enter the amount of free gems, diamonds, and coins you need for your gaming.
  • Let the pixel gun hack runs.
  • Once you have finished the desired amount of gaming resources will automatically be added to your account.

Features of pixel gun hack online:

There are two common varieties of the hack tools are available when it come to the pixel gun 3d game. The players can able to find the pixel gun 3d hack tool both in downloadable and online format. Most of the recent types of hack tools are having such feature of using on the web platform. If you have decided to use this type of hack platform, you don’t require downloading any tool on your computer or mobile phone. At the same time, you don’t need to spend any money to use the hack tool to earn unlimited numbers of gaming resources because it is 100 % free tool to use on the web.

This hack tool is also known as the online generator which will require you to enter how much amount of gems, diamonds, and coins you need for your pixel gun gaming account. It will generate them and add on your account to use later for the purpose of enabling the weapons at various levels.